Second Day Of Synod - Nobody In Cassock

In the circle is Erwin Kräutler.
There is only one cassock - on Pope Francis. He is unique from all viewpoints.
The lack of the black colour makes the bloated bellies more visible .
I had to look again at this picture just as I was about to move onto the next item because of the 'Nobody in Cassock' note. They look like a bunch of ordinary, ageing men from a distance. You have to look closely to see anything remotely clerical. Good God - help us and soon.
Good point, Mr Dorchak.
These homoheretics really rather look at each other in undies like the Amazon....then go over to Cardinal Cocopalmerio's apartment for the fueled orgy.
St Michael the Archangel defend us in battle
Well I guess no clerics were there then. Just goes to show ya. We dress as we live as we believe as we pray. Which begs why the One Most Merciful and Holy Pope is dressed like a Pope.
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Another conversation at the synod.
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Anyone in Bermuda shorts?
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Conversation at the Synod.