Vienna Abortion Museum Has Something To Hide

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The image on the left was one of the winners of a photography competition from the pro abortion Museum of Contraception and Abortion in Vienna (run by Christian Fiala). Note how they don't show you … More
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@Tesa Amazing.
Speaking of hearts, our Apostle Paul stated, " have the peace of Christ rule in your heart. " (from his epistles)
- your brother in our Lord Jesus, Joseph
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Life is beautiful
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Rafał_Ovile mentioned this post in Cardinal Schönborn, “John Paul II. Missed Half Of The Moral Teaching”.
The heart starts beating at 3 weeks after the conception date (fetal age), so that's approx 5 weeks gestation (since fetal age is about 2 weeks less than gestation).
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De Profundis
Also the heart beats around this time.