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Rafał_Ovile mentioned this post in FATIMA/POPE TO FLEE ROME WATCH: Benedict says he is in the last phase of his life.
Sunamis 46
we pray that we follow the rules they teached us, and let f1 do what he wants, and beg god to lead us through this horror times
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Dr Stuart Reiss there is a subtle but important difference between doesn't want and couldn't do. Please read pope's own adrress before only leaving apartments, not Vatican, and Francis' doubts whether 2 popes is normal... Speak truth, that's all...
Yes but he doesn’t want to do the job. Says he can’t. And that’s that. Short of taking lanterns and pitchforks and turning up at the Bronze door....sorry wrong address...Casa Sancta Marta door what could we do?
Dr Stuart Reiss fortunately there is abundance of counter-evidence. Only abdication and not resignation. Attacks, disobedience to pope and biography of St. Gallen mafia... And silence of those who are now most obedient...
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@Rafał_Ovile unfortunately he didn’t stay with the faithful. He resigned. And put the Church in this situation. No point running to him.
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