Anybody know what Burke's got on his head?

Cardinal Raymond Burke, Institute Christ King and High Priest, near Florence.
Cappa Magna, which I believe contains a capuche, like most medieval habits (cf. Franciscans).
Looks like a hoodie. I must say, that mantle/ robe looks incredibly cozy. Those medieval clerics understood a thing or two about cold-weather wear.
Its NOT about old clothes its about TRUTH and he must resist BERGOGLIO openly
A bishop that will not stand up for Christ is no bishop. No matter how much he plays dress up.
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Burke will celebrate next Monday a Pontifical Low Mass in Maiden Lane, England. Come and see.
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Looks medieval, better than this Indian tradition on the head of an Anglican
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Wellll... technically the two gents next to the anglican are sikhs who are definitely not the usual hindu idolators. But the anglican looks like he's wearing a Japanese "murasaki boshi" which is a purple head-scarf worn in Japanese kabuki plays. It might look quite fetching on a twenty-something onnagata, but it looks derpy AF on that guy.