Cardinals Danneels Has Admitted that He Was Part of a "Mafia" Plotting the Election of Jorge Bergoglio as Pope

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Dr Bobus
The Perfidious Mafia
Lisi Sterndorfer
Cardinal Godfried Danneels who reportedly advised the king of Belgium to sign an abortion law , told a victim of sexual abuse to keep quiet and once said same-sex 'marriage' was a 'positive development'
@Prayhard I've seen how the conciliar popes gets no love around here, it's alright because there not here to defend themselves and Benedict is jailed practically... but I say this to you and all tradiotional brethren out there: God allowed this and He did it for a reason, this is the only way to separate the chaff from the wheat, this is how the Church will get crucified in the end, while the … More
Awesome... and true and the more awesome thing, bergoglians can flag this a hundred or a thousand times and Gloria will never take this down. Pretty duckie
That lewd Belgian, who personally urged a victim not to report his molester uncle, a bishop, was a JP2 appointment. The errors and crimes of Conciliarism are inter-connected.
Gosh we love that Duck :)