Next Candidate, "Trying to blame it on gay folks"

AlexBKaiser 6
Bishop of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Knoxville
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What does this even mean? Why is so many Jesuit priest are gay? Is this where the Mason's entered in? You know, we should point out all of the "gay priest on Twitter" forward all info to the Pope. It just seems to lie there and nothing is done. Or is it just me? I know they say judge not? but this one, I know Jesus would want us to point this sin out and tell this person to sin no more. I was at … More
This is the pic on his twitter account
Well what do you know another idiot who is dead wrong. More than 80 % of abused victims are male, homosexual Judas priests are the MAIN problem in the Church, i would not have my child near this lunatic!
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angry bob
I really hope clerics like these get exposed. I have already lost faith in the bishops. If this crap continues not sure what I'm gonna do.
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Why does he defend the homos? Afraid his friends might be exposed? May himself?
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Holy Cannoli
It's clerics like Stika who have allowed the problem to exist and he's still at it by trying to diminish its severity. I was going to respond to this disgusting apologist for homos but I don't need to. He got hit pretty good on his twitter acct.
A couple of comments:
The sex abuse problem that exists today in the Catholic Church is absolutely due to the homosexuals that have been … More