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Her Royal Highness Princess Alexandra of Hanover, removed from the line of succession to the throne of the United Kingdom because she converted to the Catholic Church. Please pray for her as for the … More
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@SvataHora Our Queen, HRH Elizabeth II, long may she reign, is more Catholic than the Pope and the House of Hanover (Windsor) will stand for quite some time --- has seen off a few hundred other worldly leaders dictators etc...
@tbswv Henry VIII did not stipulate that the monarch of England must not be a Catholic, in fact he was succeeded by his own daughter Mary I (after Edward VI) who was Catholic. However the Act of Settlement in 1701 (passed by Parliament) ensured that the Crown would not pass on to the majority remaining Catholics in the House of Stuart and instead to the more protestant minor Hanoverian line. … More
Un-holy and outdated traditions of the ever rebellious Anglican "Church", who's head is the Queen - based on the adultery of King Henry VIII. That house is built on sand and cannot stand and will be swept away!
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Henry VIII legacy still alive and well in merry ol England.
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