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@Campion the Champion tell me wiseman, did Apostle Peter was so infaliible that he did no wrong, didn't he said he didn't know Jesus and St Paul reprended him into oblivion for neglicting the converted gentiles? Popes, cardinals, priests they make mistakes, they all do, like you, like me, like Jungy... everyone, this joke is not that bad is not like Jungy is going to hell or anything, but the … More
@Jungerheld very very funny. And quite to the point also.
@yuca2111 Whaaaaat? Benny not guilty of vii? He was a peritus in VII. He helped orchestrate the whole shambles. Many photos which show him wearing a ‘tie’ not priestly collar. Popular with reformist nutters like Kung ( who’s lost his head so fine to wear whatever around the empty neck) he had a change of heart, sort of. But then he resigned saying “ there was a real VII and an agenda driven … More
@Jungerheld, I don't appreciate this type of humor since Benedict isn't guity of the Vatican II, furthermore he was the only pope who did defend the latin mass and whoever wanted to celebrate the ancient mass, so much that after his motu propio much later the resignation was put forth.