If God wants to save a soul, he will send a missionary

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A mí me sucedió lo mismo, pero con diferente final. Estaba proponiendo a alguien una confesión para limpiarse los pecados, y justo el día siguiente, o al otro, esa persona con la que hablaba no, pero otra que estaba presente, murió repentinamente. Y mucho me temo que se condenó.
[OT] grammar note: "nobody in their right mind" is a well known idiom; "their" is simply a sex/gender neutral term, not an error.
@pw agree. Murdering the Queen’s English is not edifying.
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I understand the point on the grammar, but don’t lose the more important point of the story. A soul is saved.
This language (grammar) is appalling: The penitent is singular therefore the verb must be singular. "the penitent died in HIS sleep. What a stupid politically correct Dominican. Shame! Not uplifting at all.
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Dr Bobus
Someone needs a missionary for English grammar
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Some one , some where, bought the grace for this persons conversion by prayer and sacrifice