Hollywood full of giant hypocrites

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you mean Sodom and Gonorrhea...
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Sunamis 46
I never knew that some american women just would do anything for money
I am happy to be catholic and german
During an awards ceremony, Meryl Streep said, and i would like to thank God- Harvey Weinstein.

The world is a decaying, dying elephant.
Jesus Is Life.
Jim Dorchak
@Stonka Ziemniaczana We were posting at the same time! Great Minds think alike.
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Jim Dorchak
Now keep in mind that Harvey is a dirt bag plain and simple. Everyone knew. All these women knew and played any how? Why? For money $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ lots of money $$$$$$$$$. The got paid more money than most can imagine in their wildest dreams. Money. So in essence they are prostitutes who do not like their job? They all knew. They all put him on their dance card. They all begged so that they … More
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That pig Weinstein is in fact a victim of this scandal.
Every whore pictured on these pictures had accepted been sexually used for career. Simple as 2x2.
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Thats hollywood all right ,Sodoma of the modern age
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