How very, very, very rich people talk about divorce.

Tesa 4
Bizzare statement. Revealing, how they talk about marriage.
As the bible says; The rich have slept the slept and found nothing in their hands.
Poor Bezos, he will have nothing to present to Christ at his judgement.
Dr Bobus
I have known people who are not rich who think that way. And I have known people who are very rich who do not think that way. I have also known someone who was relatively poor who became rich. His thought on the permanence of marriage did not change

If the Church needs people to be poor to assent to Truth, then it's not the True Church.
Da fragt man sich, warum gehen sie eigentlich nach 25 Jahren auseinander?
Jim Dorchak
Very, Very, Very POOR people.... would be better title.