The retired bishop of Hong Kong, arrested in May, is charged, along with five other defendants, with collusion with foreign forces. The defendants were leaders of the 612 Humanitarian Fund, with provided legal aid to pro-democracy activists.

Trial opens for Hong Kong’s Cardinal Joseph Zen

On Monday the trial against Chinese Cardinal Joseph Zen and five other defendants formally opened in Hong Kong, initiating highly controversial proceedings …
Darice Henriques
Joséphine Cyr
Cardinal Joseph Zen's father who was a convert to Catholicism used to take his son to attend at least 5 Masses on Sundays, in 5 different churches.
Prayers for this living martyr.
Pray for Cardinal Zen, his priests, religious and for the Catholic Church in China.
Malki Tzedek
How despicable while Pope Francis natters on about the 'Chinese mentality'.
Bree Dail: "I am being informed by sources close to Cardinal Zen that his trial has been extended to sometime this week.
He is grateful for the prayers and support of all who have stood by him, including Cardinal Gerhard Muller."