Peter Kwasniewski blocked on Facebook

Peter Kwasniewski on August 16: "In case anyone's wondering why I've been so quiet (uncharacteristically so)...

The Powers That Be at Facebook blocked me for the past 3 days due to a post they deemed "offensive" and "not in accordance with our Community Standards." I wasn't even allowed to write private messages (how's that for Big Brother?).

Of course, the exact post about which people had complained or which their bots detected was left unspecified, to increase anxiety and dependency on the faceless fiends who run the platform. I suspect it was my parody of the progressivist rainbow signs in people's yards, but it could have been something to do with masks... who knows? It's impossible for me to think of anything I've posted that's *actually* offensive.

Anyway, we'll see how long I last before they block me again, or ban me."

Here is a talk recorded by Gloria.tv in Vienna:

Bravo, Gloria tv and Peter Kwasniewski. At least we can get both good news and true news here!