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Schneider: Soviet Union Is Back - In The West

Bishop Schneider describes the state of the Novus Ordo as "anarchy" (, March 14).

The Novus Ordo is presided over with liturgical abuses, like a Protestant service, in the external form of a "banquet." Thus the Eucharist “diminishes catholicity” whereas the Mass expresses the constancy of use by Catholic generations throughout the world and through the ages.

For Schneider, the most serious spiritual disease afflicting today's Church is the loss of the supernatural and the orientation of man towards himself.

A reform of the Novus Ordo, which is urgently needed, must begin with the return of all, priests and faithful to the Lord, whereas at present “we stand, so to speak, before liturgical ruins.”

In the Western regimes, Schneider increasingly recognises the characteristics of the Soviet Union in which he grew up: brainwashing with ideological slogans by media and politicians who are aligned as if under a central command.

For Schneider, the regime's ideology is “gender”, a neo-Marxist invention aimed at the destroying the family.

All sectors of society must follow it, and critics are marginalised, intimidated and punished, "No one can deny that we live in a political system that resembles the most shameful political dictatorships known in recent human history.”


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Even a man who isn’t a believer in Jesus Christ understands the depths of depravity being taught in most high schools and colleges. Most Christian schools/colleges have gone woke (unbiblical) but many of you will still argue with me about this. Sad.
Live Mike
Yes, the errors of Russia have spread to the Vatican and to nearly every country in the world.