Cleared Priest Fires Back at His Detractor

Buffalo Father Roy Herberger, 77, sued a man who falsely accused Herberger of “having abused him” in the 1980s (, January 22).

Herberger was suspended until Buffalo Diocese found the allegation was “completely false.”

The detractor had claimed he was a student at St. Ann School, but there was no record of him there. He alleged that the “abuse” happened inside the St Ann rectory, but St Ann was run by the Jesuits and Herberger never worked there. He alleged “abuses” also happened at Herberger’s home in Lackawanna, but Herberger never had a home there.

Herberger seeks $100,000 from his accuser whom he knows to be penniless: “That’s why he did what he did.”


Let's see how long it takes for the ACLU to take up the defendant's case. :P
Finally action, now we just need Cardinals like Muller, Burke and all others to spoke pointing things out and take action like this...