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Catholic Or Protestant?

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"Antipope francis is not even a Christian. He has denied the full Divinity of Christ." His predecessor Benedict denied the resurrection. Thors Catholic Hammer…/deniers-of-the-…

Your move, Crackers. Not that you care in the slightest one way or the other. You latch onto any excuse to squawk about Pope Francis.
Thors Catholic Hammer
Antipope francis is not even a Christian .
He has denied the full Divinity of Christ.
J G Tasan
Hmmm... the flower petals representing the, cloistered nuns???

“Protestantism today is something different from heresy in the traditional sense, a phenomenon whose true theological place has not yet been determined.” -Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger aka Benedict XVI.
Alex A
He's an idiot!!!
F M Shyanguya
An apostate Bishop, the False Prophet!