Viganò Analyses the Vatican's Phrasemongering

Archbishop Viganò qualified a letter issued by the Congregation for the Religious on the occasion of the XXV Day of Consecrated Life, as "cold bureaucratic prose."

In a February 1 statement, Viganò observed that the letter was "issued by the grey Orwellian offices of the Ministry of Truth," not by the Roman Dicastery which is supposed to preside over all Catholic religious.

The letter is signed by Cardinal Braz de Aviz and his Secretary, Archbishop Carballo who for Viganò “shine in the firmament of the Bergoglian Curia as inimitable stars.”

They ramble about a “new dream of fraternity and social friendship” and invite the religious to be “architects of universal brotherhood," "custodians of our common home” and “brothers and sisters of all regardless of faith [sic].”

Viganò states the obvious: Such a "regardless of faith" invitation makes Baptism, Redemption, the Church, and even God Himself superfluous.

Indulging in the Vatican's present phrasemongering Braz/Carballo tell the poor religious to find ways of "accompanying," "transforming," and "creating.” This is for Viganò a coded invitation to deny fidelity to the original charism, to re-educate those who resist, and to constrain the recalcitrant by force.

Viganò interprets the letter’s frenetical promotion of a "culture of encounter and dialogue” as an application of religious indifferentism and conciliar ecumenism.