Gestapo Got Him: Famous Tantrum Preacher In Jail

The Protestant preacher Artur Pawlowski and his brother were arrested on May 8 on the way back from a service in Calgary, Canada.

Pawlowski became famous for throwing tantrums at Covid police calling them "Nazi" and "Gestapo."

The brothers were charged with “organising an illegal in-person gathering.” The policemen arrived in half a dozen patrol cars. They stopped the preacher’s car telling the two brothers that they were “under arrest.”

The two offered resistance by kneeling on the wet street while being handcuffed. In his prayer house Pawlowski never kneels. Police then dragged them into a police car. During the arrest, Pawlowski repeated his Nazi litany.

During the first six hours, police refused to allow Pawlowski to see a lawyer. A police release stated that Pawlowski had received a court order against his gatherings but ignored requirements for sanitary distancing, mask wearing, and reduced capacity limits for attendees.

On the day of the arrest, 3 (!) out of 4,4 million people in Alberta died with Covid-19.


Patricia M Buyce
Great interview by John Henry Westen (Life Site News) and the Pastor Pawlowski. Seems like sincere man. I've started praying for his conversion to Catholism. John Henry asked him to consider it! He would make a great Catholic!!
the man's got courage !!!! just like most American Bishops - NOT
De Profundis
What a heavy handed arrest for holding an 'illegal' church service
They're just butthurt he humiliated them by lawfully forcing them to leave and cops have a long, long memory for that sort of thing.
Roberto 55
Shame on them...
Coming to a theater near you!