Whom shall we obey?

Respect for the natural order is part of life, which also includes obedience to authority. The more experienced pass on knowledge to the beginners. A healthy family and society work on this principle.

Today, the basic natural principles of good and justice are turned upside down. The so-called children’s rights are being introduced, so parents must obey and submit to their children, otherwise their children will be taken away from them. This deliberate crisis of authority leads to the self-destruction of family and society. On the other hand, false authority is overemphasized. E.g. corrupt politicians and churchmen protect themselves with immunity and inviolability. They lay down laws to protect the immoral and criminal elements, and even privilege them, and they punish anyone who looks askance at them. The point of such anti-laws is to brainwash thinking people and deprive them of conscience.

The Judases in the Church compete to legalize and sanctify sin. They thus absurdly put an orthodox Christian into the position of a rebel against God. In fact, these Judases have excluded themselves from the Church of Christ and are on the path to destruction.

Even today, however, there still exists useful obedience. We can show it on the example of a small child as well as a doctoral student. It has always been the duty of children to obey their parents who protect them from their foolish ideas and from evil people. But our human pride resists this natural order, wants to have its own way and is reluctant to accept advice or instruction. Our pride always considers its view to be the best.

Example: Two university graduates decided to earn a doctorate in their field. One succeeded and the other failed. Why? The former followed the advice of an experienced person who told him: “You must respect the principle: meet the deadlines and follow the instructions of the doctoral thesis supervisor. Do not insist on your own opinion in opposition to the supervisor’s requirements. After you obtain your doctorate, you can then write a number of precise scientific studies in your own style.” He listened to the advice and passed.

The latter, on the other hand, failed because he did not take the advice. He was convinced that if he wrote the work “perfectly” on his own, it would be far better than his supervisor advised. He failed to meet the deadlines because it seemed to him that the thesis was still not ideal. He disregarded the supervisor’s instructions and the doctorate remained an unfinished torso. Wisdom is to learn from the experienced. Folly loses the goal because of its own, though seemingly good, idea.

This example only concerned earthly goods, so the loss was not so great. It is worse to refuse to listen to good advice or warnings when earthly or even eternal life is at stake. Such disobedience has far-reaching consequences. An old proverb says, “Good advice is beyond price,” but only good people who are rooted in the truth can give good advice.

When it comes to distinguishing who to obey, we must respect the basic rule: what kind of spirit the person concerned has and what his aim is! A deceiver can act as the greatest benefactor. It is therefore necessary to find out what the fruits of his activity are. Beautiful words, smiles or the impression of familiarity are not enough, it is necessary to look at the goal he is pursuing. Imagine an authority that convinces you today that vaccines are very good, that they will protect you from the flu, that they pose no danger, that it is no chipping, that those who relate vaccines to chipping or chipping to the number of the beast are paranoid because microchips are nothing dangerous, they are already a normal part of our lives, and even of ourselves. To listen to such a person is suicide, both temporal and eternal! The activity of such people is aimed at reducing the population by 6 billion, as they themselves openly acknowledge.

It is a tragedy that many church leaders today are among these very people who abuse authority. Listening to the mass media or the clergy, who are in inner unity with an archheretic and apostate, means to put both temporal and eternal life at risk. Church heretics and apostates occupying church offices give a false appearance of being the authority of the Most High God, and in fact they fight against God and drag souls to eternal perdition. This new programme has been adopted by the apostate Vatican, and not only by them. Church Judases are also among the Orthodox and Protestants. They must be distinguished from sincere bishops, priests or pastors who serve God and seek the salvation of immortal souls.

Judases in the Church are among the first to create the conditions for the system of the Antichrist – they approve of sodomy, abolish God’s commandments, brought Pachamama into the Vatican, issue orders for desecrating the liturgy by mixing it up with satanic rituals or by wearing rubber gloves and masks. They were the first to impose a manipulative quarantine and to close the churches. They even boycotted the greatest Christian feast of Christ’s Resurrection and instigate the adoption of digital vaccines and chips.

So be careful today who you listen to!

+ Methodius OSBMr + Timothy OSBMr
Secretary Bishops of the Byzantine Catholic Patriarchate

30 May 2020