Anonymous Catholic
A new video from the Archdiocese of Brisbane's shows nothing but contempt for tradition and the priesthood.

Brisbane Archdiocese’s Two Minutes Hate video

Remember the Two Minutes Hate from Orwell’s 1984? It was a regular, designated time allotted to giving the unfortunate inhabitants of Oceania an …
Facts Not Lies
Were those gangsta' hand gestures?

I noticed the church did not remake all of its videos and images to reflect the masked pin cushions living on anti-depressants because of forced vax, masking, and limitation of healthy freedoms.

Maybe the permits to go outside for the re-shoot are still under review.
At least some of the vestments don’t look entirely like trash.
Anonymous Catholic
Thank God for small mercies!
Why Australia has no faith. Also, almost all of these laff-a-minute bloopers were filmed in Church, no less.