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Motu Proprio Of His Holiness Benedict XV - BONUM SANE, 25 July 1920

"Indeed, in the votes and the expectations of the most seditious, an idea has matured of a certain universal republic to come, founded on the absolute equality of men and on the communion of goods, in which there would no longer be any distinctions of nationality, and in which is recognized neither the authority of the father over his children, nor the public authority over the citizens, nor the authority of God over men united in a civil consortium. All things which, if they were realized, would necessarily give rise to tremendous societal convulsions, such as that which is now devastating a not small portion of Europe. And precisely to bring about a similar condition of things among other peoples, we see that the common people are agitated by the fury and the impudence of a few, and here and there we see riots." - Pope Benedict XV
Source: Bonum sane, Motu proprio, De sacris solemnibus anni quinquagesimi ex quo S. Ioseph B. M. V. Sponsus Ecclesiae Catholicae patronus renuntiatus est, d. 25 m. Iulii a. 1920, Benedictus PP. XV | BENEDICTUS XV
English: St. Joseph against Socialism: 100 Years of Bonum Sane – Priestly Fraternity of St. Peter
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@Jeffrey Ade you can tell a true pope by the cross that he carries.
Jeffrey Ade
And take note of the cross of his Holiness! Not broken down and shrivalled!