IVF is creating infertile children

Anonymus Us Project tells the stories of those impacted by "third party reproduction" (sperm and egg donation and surrogacy).

In Australia, University of Newcastle laureate professor John Aitken works as a reproductive biologist. And he is sounding a warning about how the children being born through IVF are suffering unforeseen consequences — and speaking up about how IVF is not a magic fix for infertility.

According to Dr. Aitken, children conceived from IVF are at a higher risk of being born infertile. In addition to infertility, he says that boys conceived from IVF are also at higher risk for various cancers. Currently, 1 in 6 Australian couples uses IVF, with 1 in 25 Australian children born from IVF. Dr. Aitken worries that the number is only going to get higher.

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