Greek-Orthodox Jump on Climate "Religion" Bandwagon

The Greek-Orthodox bishops are “every bit as sold out to the secularist narrative as the Catholic hierarchy,” Hilary White writes on (September 22).

She points to the tweeds of the Greek-Orthodox Archbishop Elpidophoros of America who belongs to the Ecumenical Patriarchate of Constantinople.

On August 20, Elpidophoros explained his participation at a prayer at the Democratic Convention - alongside with the gay activist James Martin SJ - with the argument that God may bring us “to our best selves,” that “we may fight against injustice, inequality, hatreds.”

On September 12, Elpidophoros wrote that we are called “to respond with compassion for the suffering, and with wisdom in the face of destruction that Climate Change exacerbates.”

And, “We are called to care for creation, for it is the home of every human being.”

Sadly, the Orthodox have always been willing collaborators with various governments, lending their "religious virtue" to secular policy. Nothing's changed.
If they can't hold the truth in matters of religion why are we surprised they cannot hold the truth in science?