71. The lie

To think that God is blaspheming, to think that God is lying is the ultimate lie of too many people in Jesus’s days and this is still happening now. It is written and still today people think that Jesus is not God.

The person distorts reality by slipping away from Jesus. He comes to not even recognize that Jesus is God. The remoteness from God removes the person from believing in him. He loses sense of reality and the meaning of God.

It’s not surprizing that some people responsible of the Temple want to stone Jesus, with their incomprehension, their loss of meaning, to the point of thinking that Jesus blasphemes.

Let’s find Jesus in our heart, in our life, let’s keep him close by. This is the only way to recognize Jesus. Let’s continue our walk with Jesus to the cross. Let’s take advantage today to free ourselves from the evil that we carry and give it to Jesus, so that he may cleanse and save us too. May we recognize him as he is.

May Jesus guide and encourage us to discover the misunderstanding of people toward him. This will help us to hand everyone to him. He wants to heal them.

Jesus came to bear the burden of the sins of the world. Let’s let him take upon himself our evil and our sins. Only Jesus can bear it and give peace.

Let’s get out of pride and egoism that electrify lies. And let’s walk with him to the victory of Love over evil, hatred, despair, God’s victory over satan, the victory of our liberation and salvation in Jesus Christ, God and Lord.

The new American Bible, 2011-2014
Book: Refusing sin, Normand Thomas
In Fatima Mary said to the little children that God is too much offended already this was decades ago ,Today the offenses to the Father the Son and the Holly Spirit have multiplied multiple times ,only by the Grace and Mercy of our Lord Jesus Christ and His Mother whom love us very much we have not yet been punished ,we need to repent ,repent, repent .