Polish Bishop De Facto Removed

Francis named on June 25 Łódź Archbishop Grzegorz Ryś as the Apostolic Administrator of Kalisz Diocese, Poland.

He takes the place of Kalisz Bishop Edward Janiak, who was accused in February 2018, of having tolerated active homosexuality among priests, including ordaining a homosexual who stored pornographic pictures of minors on his computer.

Janiak was also accused of allegedly having “hushed up” homosexual abuses committed on minors.

In June 2020, media reported that a heavily intoxicated Janiak was hospitalised. He is presently banned from staying in his diocese.

Picture: Edward Janiak, Grzegorz Ryś © wikicommons, CC BY-SA, #newsTnilvwtxkj

Francis' surrogates are hijacking Church in Poland.
Novella Nurney
I'm confused. So the pontiff replaced a drunk, homo- friendly Bishop with .... a good Archbishop? Am I missing something? I must be missing something. Am I supposed to read it backwards...
Novella Nurney one should provide evidence in the real context of the situation in Poland. Can you provide any?
Novella Nurney
The context is satire.