SSPX Resistance : Father Hewko 's sermon - 18th November 2012 My name is Father David Hewko. I was, last seven years, in Syracuse at Blessed Virgin Mary Academy and parish. It’s size of about 700 or …More
SSPX Resistance : Father Hewko 's sermon - 18th November 2012

My name is Father David Hewko. I was, last seven years, in Syracuse at Blessed Virgin Mary Academy and parish. It’s size of about 700 or 400 souls. [It’s a] growing school and I’m here in Kentucky with the priests who are resisting the liberalism invading the Society of Saint Pius X which is a very sad event, this crisis of our dear Society. So that brings me here to help these priests to hopefully put ourselves in Our Lady’s hands, either the Society does a u-turn and continues the principles and the fight of Archbishop Lefebvre and previous great saint popes. Or to whatever God wills, begin again, just maintaining the principles of our holy founder. So pray for this, pray for all the priests, all the priests, pray for the Pope to consecrate Russia. That really is the solution. But if the Pope ignores Our Lady what can do but pray for him? In the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost, Amen.

Our Lord compares the Church to a mustard seed and that mustard seed is the Catholic Faith that is implanted in all of our souls when we are baptized. I’d like to refer your minds to a great event in history, very similar to our own time, and that is when Spain in the late the 600’s was invaded, totally invaded, by the Muslims, who came in from Northern Africa. They swept all the way up very quickly invading towns, cities, tearing down the church bells, smashing the crucifixes, and needless to say, the murder of many, many women, children, priests, and men. This invasion spread very fast and by the early 700’s Spain was basically Muslim. And only in the northern regions, in the mountains, the Asturias Mountains, there remained a small remnant, led by Pelayo, who was a friend and disciple of a great holy monk who lived in the mountains there, in a cave. And this cave today is known as Covadonga, it’s a magnificient cave; actually there’s a monastery built there. I got to go there with some priests and we said Mass on the altar that Saint Anthony Mary Claret said Mass on in that cave. Pelayo who was the great general to resist (he’s buried there) and, it’s in the mountains. Underneath the cave there’s a huge waterfall which I’m sure the soldiers had a good time jumping off and swimming in during their stay there. But this holy monk saw the Virgin Mary. The Virgin Mary told him that Her protection is over them and that with Her help they will win many battles. And therefore there’s honored there the Virgin of Covadonga, a magnificent statue of Our Lady dressed in beautiful vestments So Pelayo, he gathered together, it says a small band of soldiers, some think up to a thousand, some say as low as three hundred. But whatever the number was it wasn’t very much. And the Muslims were threatening to come in and invade. Pelayo was visited by Bishop Opas; Bishop Opas was a perfect “Vatican II bishop”. He came and he said to the general Pelayo, he shouted out to him at the mouth of the cave, he said “Pelayo,” he shouted out his name. “Pelayo!” Pelayo knew this bishop and he said “Yes Bishop Opas, what do you want?” And Bishop Opas he said “Look, the whole country is Muslim, the whole city has given in, save your life, save your soldiers, and just make a peace treaty with these Muslims and all will go well.”

Pelayo said in these words “And you will try to convince us with your shameless words to abandon our stand and enjoy many benefits alongside the Muslims? All Spain must be Catholic. We will never accept a pagan Spain or compromise with infidels. How could you be so bold as to think we could trust you when you have already betrayed the Catholic banner, the Catholic cause?”

Bishop Opas, the compromiser, he told Pelayo, he said “Don’t worry, the fight is useless. You might as well give up, lay down your weapons. How can you expect to win with a handful against 60,000 trained Muslim soldiers? You’re gonna lose, Pelayo.”

Pelayo then referred to this Gospel of today’s mass. He said “Haven’t you read in Scripture that the Church of the Lord is like the mustard seed, which small as it is grows more than any other through the mercy of God?”

Bishop Opas said to him “But you ought to imitate those who have submitted and escaped slavery and death. You can live. Save your life.”

Pelayo said these great words which still echo from that cave today “Our hope is in Jesus Christ from this mountain will come the salvation of Spain and the people of the Goths. The mercy of Christ will free us from that multitude. Go home, Don Opas, and take this message to the enemy of God.”

The bishop returned to his city and he said “Well I can’t convince these fanatical, crusty, old, doctrinal Pelayo and that monk and all his soldiers.”

This happened in May of the year 722 and in fact the Muslims did invade and the Blessed Virgin Mary helped them. She let loose from heaven a downpour and the Muslim soldiers weren’t used to fighting in mountains, in brush, and especially in torrential rain. So the descriptions of the battle describe Pelayo’s soldiers running through with their swords, running on foot, leaping over the hills and mountains, while the Muslims on their horses were sliding and being slaughtered and being swept away in the torrents from the rain. So Pelayo, it was after that battle, a great battle of a couple days, and through the Virgin Mary they had victory. And he was crowned the first king of Spain. That began in the year 722 up until 1492, seven hundred years of the great history of the Reconquista, for to make Spain Catholic again. Our country is still young and our fight very fresh.

So, we can compare this to our dear Archbishop Lefebvre who when he saw during the Vatican Council the highjacking of the Holy Catholic Church by the enemies of Jesus Christ witnessed before his eyes he saw their expressions, he saw their whispering, he saw the laughter of the liberal bishops when Cardinal Ottaviani was trying, he went over his time, they turned off the speaker and he was in tears, begging the council fathers “Don’t go this direction; it will be the destruction of the faith.” And Archbishop Lefebvre saw these rats, these hyenas, just wreak havoc in the Church. But how did they do it?

There wasn’t a fight. There wasn’t bloodshed in Saint Peter’s Basilica. It was done by the slick pen, by the slick putting in of ambiguous terminology. And we Society priests and bishops we’ve all been warned, we’ve all been trained by Saint Pius X and by our founder Archbishop Lefebvre never use the language of the enemy.

We know like Navy Seals soldiers there’s a certain pattern of the enemy and you never imitate it.

We have been trained and we have been warned—we must never use their terminology. And yet we see recently ambiguous terms being used. We see language that can be interpreted in two ways, the “light of tradition”, “the council is limited”, and “religious liberty is limited”, “the council is not so bad”. I’m not going to go through all the quotes but you can look them up yourself. It’s very, very alarming to us Catholics because language is very important to protect the Catholic doctrine. We have to understand dear faithful the fight is about the faith. It’s not about some legalistic exchange—it is the faith at stake. Archbishop Lefebvre understood this and that’s why he alone against all the bishops, over 2,300 bishops, and Bishop de Castro Mayer with him, later, who stood up and said “We cannot cooperate in the destruction of the Holy Roman Catholic Church.” And thank the Good Lord for Archbishop Lefebvre who inspired great priests like Father Hannafin, who was your pastor here many years ago, and Father Snyder who knew him personally, and so many priests throughout the world who kept the Faith, and faithful who kept the Faith, thanks to Archbishop Lefebvre.

He died in ’91 and our dear Society has been piloted by Bishop Fellay. Bishop Fellay used to speak very clearly. He used to tell us “We can never make a false agreement with Rome. It will be our destruction.”

He warned Campos in the year 2003 “Don’t make a false agreement with Rome. It will be your disaster. It will be a destruction for you.”

Bishop Rifan fell, he made the compromise and now they have the new mass, now they accept Vatican II. Now it’s a mess. It’s very sad. And good priests…Dr. White told us he saw good priests battling for the Faith. And when this agreement happened, even before the agreement, it was prepared, the priests were already accepting “We have to go under Rome, we have to united with Rome.” They did to the destruction of their Faith…why? Because they forgot the great distinction of our holy founder, who by the way, the greatest theologian in the last 150 years. Archbishop Lefebvre made this very simple distinction which is not being heard anymore from the top of our dear Society. And what is that distinction? That Rome, now, is modernist. Rome now is the Conciliar church. It is a new religion which we refuse to follow because we want to remain Catholic. So the modernist Rome, the Conciliar church, must be distinguished from the Eternal Rome, the Catholic Church of all time. And that’s why we don’t have to worry as the Archbishop said “We’re not worried about being outside the Church. We’re not outside the Church.” You hold the same Faith as our fathers. You hold the same doctrine, the same sacraments, the same devotions, and that can’t change. Even if Catholics, said Saint Athanasius, were reduced to a handful they still remain the True Church of Jesus Christ. And as the Virgin Mary at La Salette warned us those days are coming when the Faith will only be found in pockets throughout the world. Farmhouses, families, little missions, little parishes…and we see, we see how this is very possible now. We see this whole new orientation since July of this year that our dear leaders want to make this agreement. They’re saying it’s not going to happen now, it’s not going to happen yet but they want it and that’s what is wrong. Read all