Charlotte Black Lives Matter Rioters Chant 'F-ck Your Jesus"

Charlotte Black Lives Matter Rioters March Down the Street Chanting 'F-ck Your Jesus,' Cover Street Preacher With Silly String
They repeat what their father in hell says.
Baptist John
Another really sad statement, going around among some Americans of African heritage: that Christianity is a white man's religion. Thier not going to follow the slave master's beliefs.
These last days, varying types of deceitful snares are numerous.
F M Shyanguya
@Baptist John Hard to keep up. Last was Jesus was a black man.
Child of Our Lady
This video is proof enough BLM is from hell. I wonder if they will chant the same when they are standing in front of Him.
Baptist John
No, they will not be chanting this vile trash before our great Lord. Because He came as a Lamb, yet shall return as a Lion.