Outstanding video. The best documentation yet of nearly every top official in charge of the response to COVID insisting the vaccine prevents infection and transmission—not just symptoms.
Hey Gates you are not a virologist. Go back to your old job and improve the code of Microsoft applications.
Ave Crux
Unfortunately, the general public still believes this narrative and bears a mortal hatred to the "unvaxxed" for allegedly being the cause of an ongoing "emergency". The vast majority of the vaxxed still blame the unvaxxed when they get sick. I see that happening everywhere. And they want the "unvaxxed" to be denied medical care, deprived of their professions and every other human right.
Darius Wiench shares this
In the society we live now the chances of them getting their day in court and justice done are zero . But God He is not sleeping and anything can happen
Louis IX
Send this to Francis so he can see first hand all of the misinformation being spread about vaccines by these liars.
Jeffrey Ade
Francis might complain he wasn't in it!
John A Cassani
The best thing that could happen to these people would be being brought to justice while they live, because the punishment they merit is truly severe, and God’ justice will not be denied.
Jeffrey Ade
Perhaps, but there is always the General Judgement when we get what we deserve!
Roberto 55
These people lies better than professional actors.
Jeffrey Ade
They are professional actors!
Wow! If only that would be shown by a major media outlet!
Jeffrey Ade
Typical american TV watcher response, "Honey, where are my pants?"