Request for prosecution for those responsible for the tyranny COVID19

Request for prosecution for those responsible for the tyranny COVID19 - Luis Álvarez Primo

Claim of an International Criminal Law Court to try those responsible for the genocidal tyranny COVID-19.

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Pedido de enjuiciamiento para los responsables de la tiranía COVID19

The science is clear. Associations of medical commissions for the truth about the crown-fraud multiply in the world. In scientifically based documents and full of common sense given by the accumulated experience of medical sciences, the world's health professionals denounce the absurd as pernicious measures of confinement, the wrong and deadly treatments indicated, the false statistics spread, the manipulation of terrorism the media, the business of an imminent and improvised vaccine and the use of the ridiculous mask-symbol of political totalitarianism and of global reengineering in progress due to the false Covid 19 pandemic.

In this regard, we publish below a report from Germany and at the end videos of doctors from Spain, Italy, Switzerland and the USA that are associated with the sole purpose of telling the whole truth about this great global hoax. In an earlier issue, the Open Letter was published on this blog (still unanswered) that a large interdisciplinary group of Argentine doctors, epidemiologists, virologists and professionals sent to President Alberto Fernández (here). However, the important thing to note at this time is that the world crown-fraud is the cover of a real war declared to humanity by the Malthusian ideologues of demographic control and global eugenics.

The programmed political course of this outpost of the culture of death, today is clearly manifested as a black operation, a real war not declared to humanity by the dark forces of the so-called Judeo-Masonic "Deep State", which has already reached the proportions of a genocide against humanity. Therefore, the voices that demand the prosecution of those responsible in an International Natural Criminal Law Court increase. The henchmen and lackeys of the global Deep State mafia (from which the Bergoglian hierarchy of the Catholic Church is not excluded) will have to give an account before the courts of history sooner or later, and with certainty before God when their own death.

Bella Vista, Bs. As. 08/01/2020

GERMANY: Extra-parliamentary civil committee of doctors and scientists to dismantle the false Covid pandemic19:

- There is no confinement in healthy people in medicine, there is no term confinement in medicine, confinement is a military method, typical of genocidal dictatorships.

- Quarantines will only generate poverty and annihilation of the economy.

- The masks are only for medical personnel and sick people.

- For patients with respiratory diseases, there is respiratory isolation, not confinement.

- Presymptomatic is not the same as healthy people who are badly called asymptomatic.

- Presymptomatic patients do not infect and their presymptomatic period lasts a maximum of 2 days.

- There are no asymptomatic patients or you are sick or you are not sick.

- The WHO never indicated that quarantine had to be imposed on healthy people, nor confinement.

- The WHO has never recommended the general use of masks, it is harmful to the health of healthy people.

- The diagnostic tests they are using for covid19 DOES NOT work, they do not detect viral loads, they only detect 0.6% of genetic material that can be common to many inactive and innocuous viruses, anyone can give their entire life false positive for covid19 because the PCR tests and tests in general do not identify the covid 19, they only identify a DNA or RNA common to thousands of viruses and microorganisms.

- The medical tubing protocol induces death, reduces the immune system.

- Influenza vaccines have a cross effect with covid19, which is the one that generates the disease, in Spain it is scientifically proven that 90% of those over 80 years who had been vaccinated for influenza died, while none of the unvaccinated died.

- The covid19 is NOT lethal, it does NOT kill, 93% of the people who died in Spain were over 80 years old and had very serious terminal illnesses in recent years.

- All the measures of confinement and cancellation of fundamental rights are innocuous, have been wrong and will bring social and economic devastation.

GERMANY: Extra-parliamentary civil committee of doctors and scientists to dismantle the false covid pandemic19.

Under a false pandemic alarm, governments have implemented measures that are not scientific and only for political purposes, measures typical of a genocidal tyranny, everything has to be investigated, and then all those responsible are tried in an international natural criminal law court. governments and medical and health professional institutions, journalists, news channels, politicians, judges, who, like automata, applied the anti-scientific orders, are equally guilty by action or omission. All those responsible in the world will be criminally tried.


Doctors for Truth in Spain:

Doctors for truth in Germany and Austria:

Similarly, in Switzerland a commission of doctors and research scientists has already been formed to dismantle the crown-fraud:

Associations of medical and scientific commissions for TRUTH have also been established in the USA, Italy and all of Latin America.

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