Journalist Tricked Francis Into Commenting Ring-Kiss Story

On the plane to Marocco (March 30), Claudio Lavanga of NBC News withdrew his hand from a handshake with Francis (video below).

Then he asked Francis why he
withdrew his hand from the faithful in Loreto.

Francis answered that he doesn't like it for hygienic reasons when the line of people greeting him is too long. He explained that his hand got wet and he didn’t want to start a contagion.


De Profundis
Hand showered - or brain washed?
Sheila MC
The job description for a Pope is surely a concern for the contamination of souls, not their bodies'. The former concern appears to be VERY LOW INDEED on this Pope's list of priorities.
Here is a real man. No not the one in a skirt.
How we have fallen. Lord have mercy on your Church!