Marxist Jews-Internet Misinformation

It's very important to expose the people inflicting the cruel, widespread sufferings and death against humanity. For more than a century, many inhumane abuses by authorities, have been perpetrated with significant deceit/misinforming of the public, provided by the subversive Marxist-Talmud Jews' media outlets. The immense ongoing virus and vaccine fraud, could not have been perpetrated without these sadistic Jews' non-stop radio, television, newspaper and internet bombardment.
Duck Duck Go is supposed to be an alternative gateway to the internet. However, the anti-Christian Jew who owns this search engine, Gabriel Weinberg, uses the same deceitful tactics as the Marxist Jews at Google. Weinberg manipulates the information results his company provides to hide the crimes of Talmud Jews, Marxist Jews, Supremacist Zionist Jews... many anti-Christian Jews. Yet Weinberg's search engine will provide you with legions of Talmud rabbis, to inform you of all the abuses the innocent Talmud Jews have endured by numerous nations, and especially by that Church of the "Dark Ages." Then Weinstein and Talmud Google, will provide you with plenty of misinformation results, about Black Lives protesting to destroy the statue in honor of King Saint Louis, a man who ordered the pervese Talmud to be burned.
It is important for Catholics to distinguish between our faithful Fathers of the true Israel, such as Pope Saint Peter, St. Matthew, St. Paul and the false Jews of today, who have done tremendous evils, such as set up an anti-Christ, false Israel.
The anti-Christian, Marxist-Talmud Jews Sergey Brinn and Larry Page, are the founders and controlling stock owners, of the massive Google media misinformation outlet.
They must be held accountable, these perverse men sell horrific kinds of disease and death: abortion/infanticide, the most degrading forms of pornography, gender confusion/sexual abuse of children... Along with the Marxist-Talmud newspapers, they also promote the transvestite Richard "Rachel" Levin for Health Secretary of the United States: who publicly advocates for the mutilation of children's genitals and drugs that interfere with a child's natural puberty (both without a parent's consent)...
As Jesus said, these are not true Jews, they are the Synagogue of Satan. Amen.
Isaiah, Lot, Moses are no relation to these Marxist-Talmud Jews, who promote destruction against all of Almighty God's natural creations.