Bishop Asks For Combatting Heresy "Inside The Church"

It is a Christian duty to fight against “the errors inside the Church" according to Kazakhstan Bishop Athanasius Schneider.

Talking at the Rome Life Forum (May 17) at the Pontifical University Angelicum, Schneider pointed out that this fight must focus on "heresy and ambiguity in doctrine”.

He believes that no matter how dark things may seem on earth, the Church militant is the winning team because Christ conquers.

Schneider cited John Chrysostom: “It is easier to delete the sun, than to destroy the Church”.

However, in all Western countries the Church has lost since Second Vatican Council over 90% of its faithful and there is no end of this in sight.

Picture: Athanasius Schneider, © Monegasque2, CC BY-SA, #newsKfqfcugblm
Bishop Athanasius Schneider Is one of the heroes of the church today. Listening to him is like breathing fresh air ! It is apparent that he believes that the Church and Her teaching should change society and the world and not the other way around so much.