BCP: Bishops of Poland, which synodal path will you choose – autogenocidal or saving one?

Dear Bishops of Poland,

pseudo Pope Bergoglio has taken many steps by which he has destroyed the very foundations of the Catholic Church. He is an invalid Pope.

The mass media announced that on Friday, 21 May 2021, Bergoglio officially presented a new synodal process. It will last two years and will be divided into three stages. Bergoglio will inaugurate the diocesan stage in the Vatican on 9-10 October 2021, which will take place in individual dioceses from 17 October. The process will be conducted by two Instrumentum Laboris and will end in October 2023. This will put an end to the existence of the Catholic Church as such, as the papacy will be officially abolished.

Dear Bishops of Poland, it is perhaps clear to you that this synodal path is aimed at destroying the institution of the papacy. Bergoglio has morally compromised the papacy by heresies and has now begun to destroy the very institution of the papacy. So it will be the end of the Catholic Church in Poland and elsewhere. According to Bergoglio and his lackeys, Catholicism will only be a thing of the past.

How will you explain this to your believers and priests? Will you be silent or will you evade and de facto cooperate by your indifference on this autogenocide of the Catholic Church? However, this process of decadence will continue. The goal is the Synagogue of Satan – as part of the unifying New Age pseudo-Church including all pagans and satanists. The motto of the NWO architects, i.e. Freemasons and Bergoglio, is one world government, one currency and one religion. We hope you understand that. You were not willing to separate yourselves from the heretic Bergoglio, so God now allowed him to separate himself from you and gradually abolish the papacy. Therefore, now, do take the first step of the synodal path and expel the Bergoglian nuncio from Warsaw. The two-year farce, which is divided into three stages, has already been decided in advance. Now you, the Bishops of Poland, have only two options:

1) Either you will remain under the domination of and in false obedience to Bergoglio, and after two years you will be forced to accept his abuse of papal power aimed at destroying the very papacy and Catholicism, or

2) you yourselves will embark on another synodal path as soon as possible. You will thus still act in so-called obedience to Bergoglio and according to his intentions by separating from him and from the curse he has brought down on you. Then accept the true Catholic and valid Pope, the one who has proven himself in the fight and the only one who has bravely and publicly called on Bergoglio and the entire homosexual network to resign. By recognizing the legitimate Pope you will be involved in saving the institution of the papacy as well as the Catholic Church, and not only in Poland. If the institution of the Polish Bishops’ Conference chooses to promote collaboration and self-destruction, then let this saving step be taken by brave bishops individually on behalf of their dioceses.

By taking this saving step you will set an example for the bishops of the V4 countries, namely the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary, but also for others to follow! May Our Lady of Czestochowa obtain for you wisdom and bravery!

+ Elijah
Patriarch of the Byzantine Catholic Patriarchate

+ Methodius OSBMr + Timothy OSBMr
Secretary Bishops

9 June 2021

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