NOW HEAR THIS: Stop 'Doing Your Own Research', CNN ...'The Luciferian Conspiracy Against The Truth' Will Not Tolerate Nor Permit Any Contending Voices Which Dispel Its Web Of Deceit
Live Mike

CNN: Stop 'Doing Your Own Research'

People 'doing their own research' is highly problematic and hurting the government's pandemic response, CNN reports
Darby D Dillion
The resident eunuch doesn't really know what research is, but I'll bet he knows what sodomy is.
THE PROBLEM IS YOU AND CNN dont do any research ,instead what you do is coping fake news from each other ,and the narrative is one sided even with canceling other peoples account in social media your station is going down the drain very fast
John A Cassani
What they don’t mention is that the “research” we do is mostly analyzing the data published by the government. What they oppose is the fact that we draw different conclusions. It is, obviously, a quality of dictatorships to insist on being the one and only voice of “truth.” The entire mainstream media does the work of Правда these days.
He thinks everyone is as stupid as he is when it is only the Biden voters! They do no research anyway!
Jeffrey Ade
And Trump voters aren't stupid? LOL!
Darby D Dillion
Compare what most Trump voters support to what most Biden voters support and you have your answer in black and white.