Olympic Champion: The Miraculous Medal Did It (Video)

Hidilyn Diaz, 30, won on July 26 the first-ever gold medal for the Philippines in the women’s 55 kg (121-pound) weightlifting category at the Tokyo Olympic Games.

Diaz commented that she is thankful that her name is in the Olympic record, “God is Amazing! God is Amazing!” - she exclaimed and showed the Miraculous Medal she wore around her neck.

Immediately after winning, she pointed with her finger toward heaven, expressing her gratitude towards God. On Instagram, Diaz posted a picture with the Miraculous Medal and the line, "Thank you for praying."


HerzMariae shares this
After winning the gold medal July 26, the four-time Olympian praised God and lifted up Our Lady’s Miraculous Medal from around her neck while repeatedly shouting “Thank You, Lord."
We all do our heavy lifting in different ways!
:D You do have your moments John, you do have your moments. :D
P. O'B
Glad she loves our Lady, but there is little else about a female weightlifter to talk about. Well, yes, there is. At least she isn't some weird trannie.
John A Cassani
God bless her! Our Lady interceded to keep men from competing against her!