A new way to be a T R A V E S T Y.
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Újfajta PARÓDIA - a szinodális út egyik torzszülöttje
Lajos D
Gizike atya
Lajos D
Bár jobban megnézve inkább Excellenciás Gizella püspök, vagy Eminenciás Gizella Cardinal
Veritas Imperat
Total "Circus" ... only thing missing the 'real' animals 😫
These are the types you can observe at the Novus Ordo as they clamor around the table like they are in the kitchen. Usually older women over 60 and with short haircuts.
Drag King Story Hour.
Just go away, grandma
Carlos Santos
Ordained by the Dick Tracy decoder ring found in a Crackerjack box.
Mentally ill.
Jeffrey Ade
Truely out of touch with the perrenial teachings of Holy Mother the Church. Could be a plant/mole.
Father D. Joseph Waugh
Defeat Modernism
She about as valid a priest as those novus ordo 'priest' laymen playing dress up as well.
Jeffrey Ade