Where is their Bishop? Where is their priest? They are the one who can stop this! Cowards they are each and everyone of them.
Ave Crux
Heartbreaking.....monstrous assault on the rights of Catholics in "Catholic" Ireland....
Wayside Shrine Maker
Catholic Ireland???? Have you not kept up with the news! To be sure there is a remnant in Ireland, but not the majority. Very sad indeed.
Ave Crux
@Wayside Shrine Maker Yes! That's actually why I put "Catholic" in used to be a gem of the Church, and now it's betraying that heritage in a frightening, apocalyptic, apostate manner....
De Profundis
There is no salvation outside the Covid Religion.
Let them try that at a muslin place and they would literally leave without their heads. That is why they cowards would never do it.
So sad they obeyed and left so easily!
What about storming synagoges or moslem temples ? Is police so "brave" toward these communities as roman catholics ?
Why did they leave without a fight?
Standing in front of of Lord and Savior?!😡 Looking at two people as if they have done a serious crime!?

Lord have mercy on all poor Sinners!
Liam Ronan
The Black and Tan-demic