How some watched Ttrum's speech State of the Union

Very sensitive
Yeah, we can't judge.. as far as I am concerned he has done so much for Prolife and Prayer.. I am sure he has already made amends with God on the Adultery part... and who am I to judge? It is between God and him.. He has a beautiful family, wonderful children, always took very good care of them and ex-wives. Says alot about him... His children are good people also!
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Nice pic
Say what you will about Trump, yes, he has been married 3 times, has committed adultery, is materialistic, egotistical, bombastic... But yet, he defends life in the womb and the honor of God while the Pope and bishops defend recycling.
...then there's the little matter of creating the best economy in, what? Forty years now?
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Mind Trump's face in the iceberg.
Soo so funny
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Once abolish the God, and the Government becomes the God. That fact is written all across human history; but it is written most plainly across that recent history of Communist Russia; which was created by Lenin.
Who sided Pope Francis with - Nancy Pelosi or President Trump?