L'Osservatore Romano Drowns In Propaganda

By Father Reto Nay

In an adulatory, unsigned article, L'Osservatore Romano, the official Vatican daily, compares the Colombia visit of Pope Francis to "a cloud filled with positive energy".

The daily hails Francis' "leadership and charisma" that have "no equal on this earth" and his capacity "to be in empathy with the suffering, desires and fears of the people beyond the barriers sometimes set by dogmas", implying that dogmas are constrictive, although they remove the barriers of falsehood.

It states that, during his trip, Francis avoided "topics that divide" because they concern sexual morals, "in a search for [false] unity" and attributes virtually no religious or spiritual importance to Francis' journey.

The article says that Francis' "gift of communication" is "incredible" concluding with the exclamation, "For now we note a legacy of relief and joy that [the trip] has left behind."

Renmin Ribao, the newspaper of the Chinese Communist Party, could not have done a worse job. Francis should have deserved better from his own daily than such ridiculous propaganda.

Picture: © Galo Naranjo, CC BY-NC-ND, #newsGqksjdqkom
Klaus Peter
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