German Priest Recommends Gay Novels For Young People

Father Norbert Happe, the parish priest of Beelen, Münster diocese, Germany, has given to the public Catholic library of his parish two gay propaganda novels, and promised to give more, writes (August 14).

The first book is "Two Boys Kissing" by the homosexual David Levitahn who writes about two homosexuals who kiss each other during 32 hours, 12 minutes and 10 seconds in order to establish a new world record in longtime kissing.

The second is a German novel by a certain Becky Albertalli about two young homosexuals who let their surrounding know that they are "gay".

There was a time when priests were recommending other literature. It is self-evident Happe did not incur any sanctions from his bishop.

Enjoy your freedom whilst you can priest of Lucifer - Hell is eternal.
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