Practicing Catholics: Over HALF Have Disappeared

More than half of Irish Catholics have not returned to Mass after the Covid curfews, says a new Amarach Research poll commissioned by (August 4).

Only 46% of those Catholics who were going to Mass on a regular basis before the government enforced curfews under the pretext of Covid-19 have returned to Mass since May.

The poll is based on a nationally representative sample of 1,000 people and was conducted during the last week in July. A similar picture emerges in virtually all other Covid countries.

Picture: © Collapse The Light, CC BY, #newsCfzgeaatbm

P. O'B
If bishops don't take the Faith seriously enough to stand up for it, the message is that the people shouldn't bother either.
The novus ordo has worked its magic!
How about the requirement to get the jab to come back to mass?