la verdad prevalece

The Virgin of the Miraculous Medal unmasks the heresy of religious indifferentism widely promoted …

Ratisbonne was converted from Judaism thanks to the Virgin of the Miraculous Medal. In 1847 Alfonso Ratisbonne was ordained a Jesuit priest. Alfonso …
Pablo Gamberoni
That is correct. The whole modernism thinks not just that jews do not need any conversion, but anyone at all, because the thin dooor is your conscience
Pablo Gamberoni
That is correct. The whole moder usm thinks not just that he jews do not newd any conversion, but no one at all, because "the ghin door
Let's be fair, all the post VII popes including Paul VI, JP II and Benedict supported this idea that the Jews do not need conversion.
Jeffrey Ade
Michael Hoffman's book "The Occult Renaissance Church of Rome," delves into this problem in the modern church. The judiazing roots go deep in to the past and culminate with the bad tree of v2!
That is absolutely correct!
The Jews desperately need Christ and Newchurch refuses to give Him to them. Woe to them!