He Is Right! Converting Protestants To Catholicism "Completely Impossible” - German Cardinal

An "ecumenism of return" [of the Protestants to the Church] is for Munich Cardinal Reinhard Marx "completely impossible" and "was neither a goal of the ecumenical movement nor of the popes.”

Marx is right, at least for Germany, where the "Catholics" are more Protestant than the Protestants.

The prelate told (April 30) that he envisages with the Protestants a so called “visible unity in reconciled diversity" - a contradiction in terms and another proof that Modernists cannot think logically.

Marx would "not suspend" a priest who hands out Communion to Protestants [but certainly a priest who would refuse to do so].

In 2003, then Trier Bishop Marx suspended the heterodox theologian Gotthold Hasenhüttl for delivering Communion to Protestants. “As the young bishop I was at the time, I wanted to stick closely to the rules [= truth],” he excuses himself now saying that in ecumenism "things" have relaxed and “changed" - while, in reality, Marx has adapted, mainly to save his skin and to be loved by the oligarch journalists.

Now Marx's principle is anything goes - Catholics at the Protestant Lord’s Super and Lutherans at for Communion. He calls this a “decision of conscience” - or lack thereof. Obviously, he also spoke in favour of priest husbands, sin-blessings, and invalid female ordinations.

Then he hypocritically criticised that, at Vatican congresses, the speakers are chosen insofar as they are “in line” with the Francis Regime. “There must be free thought — within the framework of that which is Catholic,” he protested as if this were the case in his own archdiocese.

Picture: Reinhard Marx, © Mazur, CC BY-NC-ND, #newsKcslaasxbs

Dr Bobus
No surprise. Marx is another intellectual offspring of Karl Rahner SJ.