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Until Fr.Zuhlsdorf or a bishop affirms the Catechism of the Catholic Church with Feeneyism lay Catholics have to affirm the Faith independently and with the opposition of the local Cushingite bishop

Until Fr.Zuhlsdorf or a bishop affirms the Catechism of the Catholic Church with Feeneyism lay Catholics have to affirm the Faith independently and with the opposition of the local Cushingite bishop

Similarly over the years I have mentioned that the Catechism of the Council of Trent, the Baltimore Catechism and the Catechism of St.Pius X can also be interpreted with Cushingism or Feeneyism and the conclusion would be different.Fr. Z refuses to address this point.
Liberal theologians have interpreted all these documents with Cushingism and they have been supported by the magisterium. This was official since 1949.It was when the new theology, Cushingite theology was officially accepted.It was also the theology of Vatican Council II.
However the liberals at Vatican Council may be were not aware that there was a weak point with Cushingism, there was a built- in error. Once it was avoided the interpretation again becomes traditional Feeneyite theology.
Now we know that Vatican Council II can be interpreted with Feeneyism and so the Council would be in harmony with all the Catechismsinterpreted only with Feeneyism.This would mean that the ecclesiology of the Church on mission, ecumenism, inter-religious dialogue, non separation of Church and State and the theology of the liturgy would be the same before and after Vatican Council II.The ecclesiology would be the same on faith( salvation) and morals without the subjectivism -error.Subjectivism( being able to judge the un-judgeable as an exception to the general rule on faith and morals) is the basis of Cushingism as a philosophy and theology.An irrational premise is used to elicit a non traditional conclusion and this non traditional conclusion is now considered a magisterial interpretation of the Catechism( 1995).This error is supported by Fr. John Zuhlsdorf.Fr. Z refuses to address this point over the last few years -L.A

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Posted on 24 April 2017 by Fr. John Zuhlsdorf

In this time of confusion over doctrine and praxis, many people ask me in email what they can do either to maintain equilibrium, or else to “be the maquis”, as it were, and join the resistance against the liberal undermining of our Catholic cult, code, creed and identity.
Lionel: Fr.Zuhlsdorf interprets the Catechism with Cushingism.He is a liberal.

Yes, I think that there should be a “resistance”, though not every one can “resist” in the same way.

The first step is, of course, to examine your conscience and GO TO CONFESSION. Only after that can you determine your best course of action.

Some of you must be engaged in this struggle, either because of your ecclesiastical office or because you have the spirit and the firepower upstairs to engage effectively. Some of you might engage on a wider scale, though your immediate concern is for your family and close circle. Some of you must not engage actively because these debates and current news upsets you spiritually and brings only confusion fear and anger to your lives.

You have to figure out on your own who you are, though I’ll remind priests out there that their souls are on the line if they either go the way of undermining cult, code and creed or, tepid, shrink from the line of fire and cower in a hole.

That said, there is one thing that everyone can and should do.

Read, review, study the Catechism of the Catholic Church.

Lionel: Yes study it - but interpret it with the theology of Feeneyism. Avoid the Cushingism of Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger.


US HERE – UK HERE (There are many editions. Look around.)

I am a huge fan of Kindles (US – UK HERE), but you should also have the BOOK, the material volume which you can hold in your hand and write in. Get the book, which you can flip around in and hold spots in with a couple fingers as you cross check.

Lionel:However when you read CCC 846 Outside the Church there is no salvation, interpret it with Feeneyism.Be aware of the Cushingite reasoning.Also when you read CCC 1257 The Necessity of Baptism, interpret it with Feeneyism. Know that there are no known case of someone saved without 'faith and baptism' in the Church 'since God is not limited to the Sacraments'.Similarly, even though we accept theoretically that all who are saved are saved through Jesus and the Church this is not an exception to the interpretation of the dogma EENS( Feeneyite).
However Cardinal Ratzinger assumed that being saved in invincible ignorance etc excluded the baptism of water in the Church and it referred to known people .So he inferred that invincible ignorance was an exception to the dogma EENS.So in the Catechism of the Catholic Church, CCC 846 does not directly say every one with no exception needs to be a member of the Church for salvation. In CCC 846 with the new theology, an allowance is made for invisible cases being actually visible. Then it is inferred that since visible cases of the baptism of desire, blood and invincible ignorance are exceptions to EENS, 'all who are saved are saved through...').
So Cardinal Ratzinger says all who are saved are saved through Jesus and the Church and blesses Cushingite theology which was approved by Rahner, Kung,Congar etc.
This is the new theology, it is Cushingite theology, based on an irrationality i.e known cases of being saved in invincible ignorance outside the visible bounds of the Church; without being a member of the Catholic Church.This is the missing link which we now have discovered. We now know what causes Pope Benedict's hermeneutic of rupture or continuity. Perhaps the pope did not know about it himself.


Read it. Pick it up. Read portions every day.

St. John Paul II called the CCC, “a sure reference point”.

Ignorance of the content of the Faith, the fides quae creditur, has lead to enormous problems. For one thing, it has turned lots of nominal Catholics into the dupes of liberals who are undermining the Church.

Lionel: Ignorance of the theology of Feeneyism and Cushingism has created many liberals, including Fr.Z.

With Cushingism he theologically supports the new ecumenism and inter- religious dialogue,the non separation of Church and State, mission based on salvation for those who do not know about the Church and so all do not need to enter the Church in general but only those who know and who are not in ignorance.

Since there is known salvation outside the Church for Fr. Z he supports inter-faith marriages.They are not adultery for him if the priest or bishop ( who does not believe in the dogma EENS, Feeneyite) gives a dispensation.Since there is known salvation outside the Church for Fr.Zuhlsdorf, he affirms the new ecclesiology.This is the new theology at the Traditional Latin Mass and the Novus Ordo Mass for him.He supports the separation of Church and State since a non Catholic can be saved in his religions so why does every one need to enter the Catholic Church when there is known salvation outside the Chruch?.He cannot affirm the Social Reign of Christ the King over all political legislation since every one does not need to be a Catholic for salvation.There are known exceptions in 2017 for him.


Possession of a copy of the CCC, and a solid familiarity with it, can be both shield and sword in the defense of your Catholic Faith.

Lionel: How can you defend the faith with Cushingism ? With the new theology you are part of the problem.Without the new theology they will persecute you and you will become part of the resistance.

To be in the resistance just remember to use a theology which is rational.Discuss how Cushingism is an irrational and nonsense theology and so you refuse to accept it. May be it will touch the conscience of your parish priest or bishop.


Say you are living in the Diocese of Libville, where Most Rev. Fatty McButterpants
has gone off into doctrinal la la land. You are stuck in the burbs and you can’t always drive for two hours with your kids to Tall Tree Circle were Msgr. Zuhlsdorf has the TLM. Instead, you fulfill your Sunday obligation at the clustered, “Engendering Togetherness Community of Welcome” where Fr. Bruce Hugalot is busily churning out self-affirmed pantheists through sketchy preaching and dubious sacraments.

You, on the other hand, have the Catechism of the Catholic Church well in hand.

Lionel: The liberals also have the Catechism in their hand and they interpret it with Cushingism.


Ignorance of the Faith makes you a potential victim of the predations of the libs.

Lionel: Agreed.On the other hand if you interpret the Catechism of the Catholic Church, with Feeneyism, then the liberal magisterium can punish you.

Can you picture Fr. Z affirming the Catechism of the Catholic Church without the irrational premise, without Cushingism while the Vatican uses the false premise and conclusion?


Tell me:

What would you think of a school where, in its basic chemistry courses, neither the teacher or the the students learn the Periodic Table of Elements?

Lionel:He's a Cushingite in another profession or vocation.


What would you think of the school where neither the teachers nor the students in math courses know Multiplication Tables?

Lionel: They had to learn the historical date of their profession and not invent new data, or change the Logarithm Charts and then offer it to everybody.


Would you go to a doctor who never undertook to learn basic anatomy? A pharmacist who didn’t learn the basics of drug actions and interactions?

Lionel: It would be like going to learn the Catholic Faith at the wrong place.It is like a profession or service, where they teach errors, to stay in business.


How about a barber who can’t cut hair?

Lionel: How about a Catholic who proclaims the Good News with exceptions to what Jesus taught. He bases his exceptions on modern day subjectivism, the reasoning of the new theology ?


Would you hire a plumber who doesn’t own a wrench?

Lionel: What if there was a good plumber who had an agenda ? What if he was working knowingly or unknowingly for a known mafia? What if he was known to tell lies professionally or otherwise? Would you call him to your house, especially if there was a choice in the area ?


See what I mean?

Another question:

Would you respect any of the above in their fields?

The CCC puts us on a sure footing.

Lionel: Yes, only if it is interpreted with Feeneyism.


And this is for you libs out there:

If in reading the CCC, you find teachings which you don’t agree with, not just which puzzle you but rather which you truly reject, then there’s the door. G’bye! Extra omnes! Get. Out. There are lots of “faith communities” out there with little or no doctrine where you can be right at home. Go be happy somewhere else and leave us alone.

Lionel: It is the libs who interpret the Catechism with Cushingism and so their conclusion is non traditional. Then they tell the traditionalists that they are in heresy and schism for not accepting the Catechism of the Catholic Church, interpreted with Cushingism and as a rupture with Tradition.

Presently it works the other way.The Catechism is considered liberal when it really is not.It is the liberals who wave it.


When you hear from the pulpit or some other place a dubious notion that rings an alarm bell, check your CCC. Then you can decide to ask Bp. McButterpants or Fr. Hugalot what gives. “You said X, but the Catechism says Y. What’s with that?”

That’s not everyone’s role or cuppa, of course. Many people will choose not to engage and, for those many, that’s a good choice. Others, however….

Along with the Catechism of the Catholic Church you can review the always dependable Roman Catechism, the The Roman Catechism: The Catechism of the Council of Trent for Parish Priests. Fathers… note the title. Do you have a copy? You should. You should know this stuff like a mathematician knows his tables. It’s basic. And it’s not optional.

Lionel: Yes and they should all be interpreted with Feeneyism.

Where there is a reference, for example in the Catechism of Pope Pius X, to being saved in invincible ignorance, do not assume that these are known cases. Do not assume that these are personally known people saved without the baptism of water in the Catholic Church. There are no such people, past or present.This was the mistake or ruse of the liberal theologians in Boston and Baltimore.They would interpret the past Catechisms and the saints, with Cushingism.


US HERE – UK HERE (There are many editions. Look around.)

Also, make use of volumes of the wonderful Baltimore Catechism, which has different volumes for different ages (US HERE – UK HERE). It’s so useful, in its Q&A format. The Catechism of Pius X is also great. (US HERE – UK HERE). There are many good resources available.

Lionel: Be aware that the liberals in Baltimore revised this Catechism. So with Cushingism the catechism teaches that only those who know, need to enter the Church. They brought it in line with the error of the Letter of the Holy Office 1949, Vatican Council II and the Catechism of the Catholic Church(1995).


However, make sure you have the Catechism of the Catholic Church.

Lionel: And make sure you interpret it with Feeneyism and not as Fr. Z interprets the Catechism, the dogma EENS, Vatican Council II and the past catechisms.


Some might say that the older the better. Fine. But if you are in a “dialogue” with Just-Call-Me “Bruce”, you need the current official Catechism of the Catholic Church. If “Bruce” objects to anything in it, he’s toast… and he knows it, too, deep down.

Lionel: If Bruce interprets the official Catechism of the Catholic Church with Cushingism and you are not aware of it, then you are toast.You will not get the Vatican, USCCB or Fr. Z to come to your help.


Fathers, don’t be a plumber without a wrench.

Lionel: Yes know your Catechism and interpret it only with Feeneyism( invisible cases are always invisible, the baptism of desire and blood allegedly without the baptism of water in the Catholic Church refers to an invisble case).So CCC 846 and CCC 1257 do not contradict the rigorist interpretation of the dogma extra ecclesiam nulla salus. There is no clash.


Consider making an entire year of preaching based on the Catechism.

Lionel: Yes affirm outside the Church there is no salvation, there is no known salvation and cite CCC 846,845,1257.

Announce that all Christians with no exception need to enter the Catholic Church with Catholic Faith to avoid the fires of Hell( CCC 846,845, AG 7).

Announce that all Jews, Muslims and other non Christians are on the way to Hell without the baptism of water in the Catholic Church (CCC 1257).

Announce that Catholics are the new people of God , the Chosen People (CCC 845,CCC 1257,CCC 846.Outside the Church there is no salvation).

Announce that there should be no separation of Church and State and Christ should be King over all political legislation and governments in the world.Since being a Catholic was a priority for salvation according to the Catechism(CCC 845.God wants all people to be united into the Church, the Church is the only Ark of Noah that saved in the Flood).

This is the old ecclesiology based on the Catechism of the Catholic Church(Feeneyite 1995). It is in harmony with Vatican Council II ( Feeneyite) and the other Catechisms (Feeneyite) interpreted without mixing up theoretical and defacto cases, what is explicit and implicit, what is invisible and visible.


Go through it portion by portion, perhaps also with a weekly parish inquiry class on its content which capable lay people might help to run.

Lionel: It will probably have to be done at a home of one of the lay members of the parish. Since the parish priest will not allow the Catechism to be interpreted with the theology of Feeneyism. He could lose his position.

May be if Fr.Z or someone else brings up this issue in public, then lay Catholics can affirm the Catechism with Feeneyism and not as a rupture with Tradition.They could follow the Feeneyite bishop or cardinal.Until then one has to affirm the Catholic faith independently and with the opposition of the local Cushingite bishop.



Do you have the book?


Thus endeth the rant.

Lionel: Read the blog posts on the Catechism of the Catholic Church, Vatican Council II, Ecclesiology etc on this blogEucharistandMission.It will help.

-Lionel Andrades


Tracy Rowland, Fr. John Zuhlsdorf and Bishop Morlino in the Diocese of Madison, USA are 'doing theology' with Cushingism instead of Feeneyism