Francis Accepts Resignation of Suspected Gay Bishop

Pope Francis has accepted the resignation of Auxiliary Bishop Juan Pineda Fasquelle, 57, of Tegucigalpa, Honduras, on July 20.

Pineda is at center of allegations of homosexual abuse and financial misconduct in his archdiocese.

He is a protégé of his personal friend, Cardinal Oscar Rodríguez Maradiaga, who is member of the Council of Cardinals and a protégé of Pope Francis.

The fact that Pineda's resignation was made public on a Friday in the midst of summer holidays, is an attempt of the Vatican to hide the scandal.

Picture: Juan Pineda Fasquelle, © House Committee on Foreign Affairs, CC BY-NC, #newsBlyfkgtzcw
Maudie N Mandeville
No worries. Francis has more homosexuals he can replace Pineda with.
If he accepted the resignation of all the gay bishops, how few would be left.
Maradiaga to clarify what he knew and when and why he took no action
Maradiaga was “aware of everything but always sided with Pineda and not the truth” and the institutions meant to deal with these cases “were overridden.”
Maradiaga is a thief, who unlike pederasts PF can still protect. Given Pope Bergoglio's grab of 25 million dollars from the US based Papal Foundation to give to a Roman hospital with a deficit of 1 billion Euro, and multiple fraud investigations, Frank would be too much of a hypocrite to sack a thief. He'd have to sack himself. Pray that happens.
Dr Bobus
Will Maradiaga now retire?