Normand Thomas

99. Leave evil

The devil exists. He is a person, because of his movement, according to the thought of Thomas Aquinas. The devil fatally refuses the Love of God. The evil-doer refuses Love.

It is the responsibility of each person not to get caught, then to lose oneself and move away from God. The temptation for the human is to confine, then to isolate oneself in evil.

The devil totally refuses the Love of God. When we turn our backs on ourselves, on others and on God, we are moving toward division, the devil, the abyss of misfortune. He’s amused and looks forward to seeing us moving toward him.
Negative habits of some lead other people into harmful attitudes. We are often in solidarity with evil because we become accustomed to it. This bad way keeps us prisoners.

If we sin, we lead others to evil. If we pray to God, we lead people to good. At the very end of our lives, the Lord will reveal to us the sum of our good deeds. Prayer is like money in the bank and the time of retirement is eternal in the Kingdom of God.

This is why prayer is so important, even if sometimes we do not see any apparent results. Let’s accept to change our heart and our attitudes. A change for the better will come. As soon as we pray, God helps us because we allow him to Love us.

The new American Bible, 2011-2014
Book: Let’s be Loved, Normand Thomas