Francis Commends Catholic Bishop For Celebrating Lutheran Service

Pope Francis praised an unnamed European archbishop for having celebrated a Lutheran Sunday service.

On the plane from Sibiu, Romania, to Rome (June 2, Italian audio sequence below) he recounted how the archbishop was scheduled for a Sunday evening meeting in the Vatican.

But he told Francis that he could only arrive on Monday because the local Lutheran lay-archbishop had asked him to take over a Lutheran service as he had another appointment, "So I went and did it." It is doubtful whether this account is true, as it would have generated some headlines.

Francis added that during his time in Buenos Aires he was invited to the Scottish Church to preach during their functions.


Bergoglio has publicly recognized over and over again that he is an apostate and a stubborn heretic. FEBRUARY 14, 2019 "I tell you something funny: the great persecuted, Gustavo Gutiérrez, the Peruvian, concelebrated the Mass with me", Anti Pope Francis likes this.
Future generations will look back on this Papacy with shame. This is insanity and, without being a canon lawyer, seems ipso facto heresy. Five hundred years ago, The Church burned people at the stake for saying much, much less. likes this.
Say it with me now: Francis is a HERETIC!
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St Anthony hammer of heretics pray for us.
St Joseph protector of the Church pray for us.
Mary most holy crush the head of satan.
St Michael the Archangel defend us in battle.
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Next week; Lutheran for celebrating cATHOLIC service.... no mass....
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