De Profundis
Can anyone tell how many "variants" of the Novus Ordo there are?
Augustyn z Hippony
It is a mercyfull opinion, Those bote dose not exist. Bergolio is like a Stalin. Make a concetration camps for our goods. We shuled be gratfull for his love to tradition. He loves us so mutch that kill us all!
FrDJR shares this
We expected this, of course, but thought he'd wait until Benedict had gone.
De Profundis
Given Traditionis Custodes says the TLM should "not take place in a parish", and Abp Minnerath has exiled the FSSP from Dijon to be replaced by a diocesan priest, does that mean his FSSP replacement 'solution' is technically not permitted by the new MP unless it changes location?