THE SENS OF THE LIFE with subtitle english also available with cc and transcription. Praised be Jesus-Christ, His grace and His peace be with you ! I would to tell you today few words about of the life …More
THE SENS OF THE LIFE with subtitle english also available with cc and transcription.

Praised be Jesus-Christ, His grace and His peace be with you ! I would to tell you today few words about of the life. I am not going on this great theme obviously, be exhaustive but just tell you which seems me to be the most essential. Our existence in this world, to my eyes, is comparable to that of a fetus in the womb of his mother, day after day, the child prepares himself for the time where he will be born to the life of world, than he does not know: no more than we know the life eternal to which we are going. And so is the moment when the fetus is born to the life of world is the moment where he dies at his intra-uterine life, likewise, the moment where we die at the life of this world will be that where we will be born to the eternal life. The assessment allows to validate this affirmation; that of the totally gratuitous nature of this present life: which is in itself a source of wonder infinite... No one indeed has asked to exist, nor pay anything for it. How this logic of gift wouldn't it lead to think than an another life can also free be offered to us: but then a life neither mortal and imperfect but eternal and divine. Why This one who already has given us what we have and what we are, could He not put the fullest of His love by giving Himself, Him who is the eternal life. Why not dare to believe that God The Creator can to do that ? What is impossible or too much beautiful for God? Why would He have a limit to His love for us? Didn't He already sufficiently provided of proofs of His Almighty Power and of His love infinite by taking us out of nothingness, by revealing to us the desire of His heart: by the prophets, by His own preaching, and up to shedding His blood on a cross to atone our sins ? If neither the fetus nor ourselves, have not asked to live, we have, us, however the freedom to want or of refusing the eternal life, the happiness that God wants to give us: it that shows us the fact than we cannot not desire it; so much it is in agreement with what God wants to give us. No man on earth wants to be unhappy. And likewise than our life in this world has little to see with that which was the ours in the maternal breast, similarly the eternal life has little of comparable with earthly life. No risk for example, as the fear some, to get bored there! She is a moment of absolute joy... of sublime purity, of fullness infinite... perfect communion to the joy itself of God to be God. At the difference of the life of this world, end of the life intra-uterine, the divine life is not the extension necessary, natural, of existence terrestrial. If none of two lives is due to us, the eternal life being in relationship with God must be chosen. God created us without us but does not want to save us without us. Nobody goes to Paradise against his will. Go there only those who want to go there and continue in The way up to the end, by knowing The way. And as true as only love gives the life and the happiness, the love is The way and the purpose of our life. We cannot be happy without being loved and without loving in return. Reason for which Jesus commanded us to love God with all our heart and our fellow like ourselves. And indeed, since God is love, how to love without loving God? And how not to like our fellow since God likes him? Thus, there is no love without freedom, the love implies the freedom. Also, there is the possibility of refusing to love, that is called the sin, and therefore the damnation. The reality of Hell cannot be accepted without the knowledge of our reason to exist. Then, what other reason can to have God in creating us, otherwise that we glorify Him? And if nothing is more glorious that love, and that there is no greater love than to give one's life for whom we love, how not to give our life to God, who has already given it to us? Thus, not only we will do Him a gift as beautiful as the one He made us but we will save our life: because He is able Him and Him alone... to keep it for the eternity. Give love for love, giving free what we have received free, it is imitating God and thus glorifying Him. It is because our reason to be is so high, than to miss to it plunges us so low. The measure of horror of the Hell is directly proportional at the sublimity of our vocation; what the unbelievers of Hell always hide. God created us free for that we can to love Him Him who is the love. Blessed are those who know to recognize in Jesus this love to give us free. "I am the Way, The Truth and the Life.
No people goes to the Father THAN BY ME. (Jn 14.6)"