The most important Supreme Court case of 2021 could overturn or modify Roe v. Wade. Here’s how constitutional lawyers Paul Jonna and Jeffrey Trissell think each justice will vote.

Dobbs on the Docket: Will SCOTUS Kill Roe v. Wade?

Listen to the audio version of this content The most important Supreme Court case of the 2021 term is Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization…
I listened to most of the proceedings yesterday. Kavanaugh sounded inclined to reverse Roe. I didn't hear much from Barrett. Roberts cannot be relied upon, especially in a highly-charged atmosphere. I'm afraid this will be a narrow ruling...
I hope that will happen for the sake of millions of unborn babies
chris griffin
"The Supreme Court is hearing arguments on abortion law this week, where they will carefully weigh the pros and cons of murdering babies with metal tearing instruments and high-powered vacuums."...from the Babylon Bee